When is the park supposed to be finished?

    While weather and unforeseen conditions always play a factor in a construction schedule, we hope to have the park open in spring of 2022.

    Who pays for the park?

    For every new housing development that comes into Erie, the Town Code requires new parks, trails and open space to be dedicated and built. This Code requirement allows up to provide amazing amenities in proportion with population growth.  New parks are funded through the Park Impact Improvement Fund.  Existing parks that are in need of new amenities or redevelopment can utilize the General Fund, Conservation Trust Fund, or other sources, like grants. 

    Erie Community Park is funded by the Parks Impact Improvement Fund, which is funded by building permits in Erie.  In addition, the project is supplemented by $1.1M in grant funds from DOLA and Great Outdoors Colorado.

    What is the difference between a pocket, neighborhood, and community park?

    Definitions of parks come from the Unified Development Code, or UDC.  The number of units in a development depends on how many acres of each park is to be dedicated:  

    • Pocket parks are smaller, usually 1/4 acre to two acres in size, and are built by the Developer and maintained by an HOA or Metro District.  
    • Neighborhood parks are no smaller than seven acres and may be either planned, designed, and built all by the Town or in partnership with a Developer.  
    • Developments contribute a fee-in-lieu for community parks.  Community parks are larger (30 acres or more) and are more of a regional amenity.  These parks are costly to build and maintain, so the Town is strategic with these types of parks.  Currently, Erie only has one community park, Erie Community Park.

    Who maintains the parks in Erie?

    Erie Community Park is owned and maintained by the Town of Erie's Parks & Recreation Department.  They are in charge of all maintenance activities like mowing, watering, playground maintenance and replacement, snow removal, and recreational programming.

    What are the working hours for construction?

    Construction crews can work Monday-Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., or sunset, whichever comes first.  Crews must be given permission to work on weekend days.

    How do I order an engraved brick ?

    This year's order window is now closed for bricks.  Be on the lookout for future ordering opportunities.