What does TNACC stand for?

    TNACC is the abbreviation for the Town of Erie Trails, Natural Areas, and Community Character fund. 

    Why are you focusing on TNACC now?

    Why now? The current Trails, Natural Areas, and Community Charter (TNACC) mill levy is set to sunset in 2024. We are taking a proactive approach and reevaluating both our current and future needs.

    What is OSTAB?

    The Open Space and Trails Advisory Board (OSTAB) advises the Board of Trustees on open space and trails-related issues. It consists of seven members, all of whom must be bona fide residents of the Town. The Board of Trustees makes the appointment of seven members to staggered four-year terms. This advisory board assists staff overseeing TNACC purchases. 

    Open Space & Trails Advisory Board Information.