How can the Town reach the solar goals in the Sustainability Plan?

    • Utility Scale Solar: Large solar installations are a huge help in achieving solar goals. Possible locations that have been identified so far are the Denver Regional Landfill South, Denver Regional Landfill North, Redtail Ranch, and the Waste Water Treatment Plant.
    • Community Solar Gardens: There are a few options with regard to solar gardens:
      • The Town can build a solar garden and sell subscriptions. 
      • The Town can promote existing solar garden  subscriptions to commercial and residential users within Erie (no way to track participation). 
      • The Town could offset its own facility energy use through subscribing to solar gardens. **There are co-benefits to subscribing to local solar gardens that help accomplish other Plan goals and targets.
    • Residential and Commercial On-site Adoption: The Town can plan a role in educating, communicating, and incentivizing private adoption of on-site solar. The Town would not manage these contracts or projects, but could track participation through permitting.

    What are some hurdles to overcome with this project?

    • These type of installations require partnership with a utility provider.
      • United Power has unknown or maxed out allowance for solar. 
      • Xcel Energy appetite for utility scale supply-side management for non-peak demand times.
    • Potential Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Limitations.
    • Land owners may not be a willing partner.
    • Additional costs of potential remediation of land with limited beneficial use.
    • Adjacent homeowners may not be on board with this type of use for the Front Range Landfill site.
    • Possible opposition to visual impact of a solar array on the Denver Regional Landfill site.