October 14 2021

Listening/Q&A Session

To help explain the draft policy in more detail and facilitate your review, on Oct. 14 Town staff will be conducting a virtual Listening/Q&A session on this draft policy. 

View the recording here: https://youtu.be/ZpNTVroQWs8

October 25 2021

Written Comments Due

Comments can be made out loud at the Listening Session or they can be submitted by emailing contactus@erieco.gov (please use the subject line “Draft Metro District Policy”) or can be written and mailed to Town of Erie, P.O. Box 750, Erie CO 80516.

November 16 2021

Trustee's Study Session

During Board’s Study Session to review comments received to date and discuss possible revisions to the draft policy.

December 14 2021

Board of Trustee's Regular Meeting

During the Board’s Regular Meeting discuss the revised draft policy and take additional public comments as a General Business item.

January 11 2022

Consideration of Resolution

Board consideration of resolution to adopt a final draft of the policy.