What is a Metro District?

    A metro district is one type of special district allowed by State Statute Title 32. Special districts provide services and have the purposes, powers and authority provided by the Legislature to serve a public use. A metro district may provide the inhabitants of the district two or more of the following services: fire protection, mosquito control, parks and recreation, safety protection, sanitation, solid waste disposal facilities or collection and transportation of solid waste, street improvements, television relay and translation, transportation and/or water.

    Metro Districts set and collect a separate property tax for the residents within that District to support those services mentioned above.

    Why are Metro Districts created?

    Districts are typically created to assist with financing the construction of public improvements necessary for new residential developments. Districts can also serve the same function as a traditional homeowners association.  

    What if I have concerns about a Metro District?

    Residents and property owners in Metro Districts are able to serve on their District’s Board of Directors and make decisions regarding the District. Districts are considered quasi-governmental organizations, the Town of Erie's only authority with regard to Metro Districts is the Board of Trustees’ ability to approve a Metro District Service Plan and ensure the adopted plan is followed.